Achilles Inflatable Boats Lets You Go Anywhere

Designed and built with safety and performance in mind

The Achilles inflatable boating experience begins with best inflatable boat fabric, designs and options and ends with unsurpassed customer support for as long as you own your boat. In between you will enjoy years of on-the-water activities in the most durable inflatable boat you can find.

Achilles quality CSM fabric has one of the best reputations in the business. It all starts with an exterior coating of our custom CSM over a heavy duty fabric which makes their inflatables virtually impervious to the elements, oil, gasoline and abrasions. And it ends with two interior coatings of Chloroprene for unsurpassed air retention.

Designed and built with safety and performance in mind. From built-in safety features like the strongest four-layer seam construction in the industry to custom designs engineered to complement and enhance the performance of each of our boats, boaters get more out of an Achilles. Achilles inflatable boats are built to not only last, but to also deliver the practicality you expect from an inflatable without sacrificing the performance you want from any boat.

Why Choose Achilles

Any inflatable boat is only as good as its fabric. For over 40 years Achilles has been setting the standard for inflatable boat fabric using our customized formula combining tough and airtight elastomer coatings over a heavy duty Nylon or Polyester core fabric. Today, Achilles Fabric continues to set the standard by using an exterior coating of chlorosulphonated polyethylene, or CSM, for its unsurpassed durability and two interior layers of chloroprene for its remarkable air tightness. With so many fabric claims made by inflatable boat manufacturers, it is important to recognize that Achilles Fabric has been proven where it counts most – on the water. Many types of fabric have come and gone under many different names, but none have ever been proven more effective than Achilles Fabric. Trust your next inflatable boat to the proven name in fabric reliability, durability and toughness – Achilles.

Achilles Fabrics
Full 5 Year Warranty on Fabrics and Seams
We back our claim to having superior fabric and construction with a strong warranty commitment