Novurania Luxury Yacht Tenders

Novurania Luxury Tenders NOW Available at Australia’s Inflatable Boat Specialists, some models now in STOCK.

Now available On the Gold Coast at Australia’s Inflatable Boat Specialists.

Novurania have a Passion for Detail in their boats they produce and know that this is a passion appreciated by their knowledgeable and sophisticated owners.

As the leading manufacturer of luxury yacht tenders, innovation is apparent in every model of their comprehensive line of boats.

In house engineers, equipped with the most advanced hardware and software applications, continue to introduce new models based on the needs of our direct clientele.

Leading the industry through innovation has always been paramount at Novurania.

Since the 1960s they have been nurturing and enhancing our savoir faire and know -how by focusing on the quality and design of their products and services.

Novurania have sold over 50,000 yacht tenders and boats all over the world, each with their own
distinctive identities.

Today, have five major series available : Chase, LX, Catamaran, Como and DL.